Best tDCS device for sport and exercise

Want to understand how transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) works for sports performance? Read the explanation of tDCS for sports.

Here we review the best devices for the job.

  • Best Specialized Device: Halo Sport (no longer available)

The Halo Sport was a revolutionary device that set a bar for consumer tDCS for the sports market. It made tDCS for sport much more visible to the athletic and sports community. The product was built into a headphone with music and came with an App. But as of now, the device is no longer available.

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  • Best Device For Focus and E-Sports: LIFTiD

You can read the full review of LIFTid here. This is an easy to use device that activates part of the brain involved in focus and attention. This is the key principal to success in any training or competitive regime.

Credit: LIFTiD

The tDCS Activadose made by Ativatek has been a gold standard for tDCS across research lab and home users for a decade. It’s simple to use, high quality and allows you to implement any type of tDCS including motor-activation and frontal-activation. It is not as automated as the Halo or LIFTiD but is reliable, powerful, and flexibility has made it the device of choice for many including Olympic sports teams.

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