Best tDCS Videos

Got some time to watch some videos about tDCS? Want to spend just a few minutes? Or got a lot of time and what to take a deep dive? selects the best videos on tDCS. From basic introductions to deep devices, we also outline how to pick the right video for you. We summarize what’s in each video and rate them in Difficulty Level from EASY (anyone can watch and enjoy) to MEDIUM (needs a tDCS background) to HARD (buckle up for a deep technical device).

PBS “How a gentle electrical jolt can focus a sluggish mind”

Topic Covered: A general introduction to tDCS

Duration:8 minutes 

Difficult level: EASY to watch and understand

MOTHERBOARD “Is DIY Brain Shocking the Future of Therapy?”

Topics Covered: A light introduction to tDCS 

Duration: 4 minutes

Difficult Level: EASY

Dr. Vince Clark on “tDCS for Cognitive Enhancement” at UC Davis Center for Mind And Brain 2013

Topics Covered: A broad introduction to why tDCS can boost condition and different applications. 

Duration: 54 minutes

Difficult Level: EASY/MEDIUM.

While covering state of the art research, its not hard to follow the rational as presented by Clark. 

Dr. Marom Bikson talks about “The potential and limits of transcranial Direct Current Stimulation” at the Society for Biological Psychiatry (SOBP) in May 2018.

Topics Covered: A good overview of how tDCS gets current in to the brain, how models help pick montages, and High=-Definition tDCS. Dose response and the cellular mechanisms (synapse) of tDCS.

Duration: 32 minutes including Q+A

Difficulty Level: MEDIUM.

This talk is geared toward professionals but Bikson presents the topics in a clear way that would be followed by most people already familiar with the basics of tDCS

Updates on Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) and NYC Neuromodulation 2020

Topics Covered: Marom Bikson: Opening Remarks, Michael Nitsche: Updates on tDCS dosing: Polarity, Intensity, and Interval. Lucas Parra: Updates and perspective on tDCS mechanisms: tDCS is Hebb.Bernadette Gillick: Controversies, Vulnerabilities and Possibilities: New Frontiers for Neuromodulation in Early Injury to the Pediatric Brain Adam Woods Updates and perspective on tDCS in age-related cognitive decline. Andre Brunoni: tDCS in depressive disorders. Vince Clark: Updates and perspective on tDCS effects on Cognition.

Duration: 3 Hours

Difficult Level: ADVANCED. While recommends this as a compelling watch, at many points the discussion gets rather technical and this conference session is intended for a professional audience.

Physiological Basis of tDCS at UC Davis Center for Mind And Brain 2013

Topics Covered: Dr. Michael Nitche the co-inventor of modern tDCS explains how it works

Duration: 1 hour

Difficult Level: ADVANCED/MEDIUM There is no doubt this is a full on deep technical dive. But Nitsche is overal a clear speaker making the talk very watchable. 


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