Caputron released new Linear Current Isolator

Caputron, a leader in neuromodulation devices and accessories, has released its new linear current isolator. This device, not approved for use with human subjects, is primarily used in research labs for the studying the effects of stimulation, such as tDCS, on brain slices. According to Caputron, this device is in response to the lack of availability of a high bandwidth, low DC leakage and precise isolator. This model 1106S isolator is a direct competitor to the AM-Systems model 2200 Isolator and World Precision Instruments A395 Isolator. Based off the datasheet which you can download directly from the Caputron website, this isolator appears to have excellent specifications and out performs its competitors in many categories.

For a full list of the device features, Caputron has some datasheets and device specification PDF’s available for download here:


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