Clinical trials for at-home tDCS currently underway for treatment of depression

Researchers from the University of New South Wales School of Psychiatry is currently trialing a hand-held tDCS device meant to improve the moods of those suffering from depression. Researchers state these home-use friendly forms of tDCS will be very useful for those suffering from depression living in remote areas where access to state-of-the-art tDCS clinics tend to be limited.

This open labeled pilot trial includes 34 participants and utilizes a Soterix 1×1 mini-CT device. Stimulation was self administered while the participant is being monitored remotely via video. Parameters include an F3-anode and F8-cathode electrode placement—with 2 mA of stimulation for 30 minutes.

Results show mood seemed to improve significantly up to 1 month following the end of the trial, showing that this form of treatment may hold great promise for the future of remotely supervised tDCS treatment for depression.

For more information on this clinical trial, click the link below:


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