Upcoming International Brain Stimulation Conference

The 4th International Brain Stimulation Conference is coming to Charleston South Carolina on Dec 7-9, 2021. You can still register here. This is an in-person conference with no hybrid (video link) content. So, if you want to experience this, you will need to make the trip.

This is along with NYC Neuromodulation the biggest conference in transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS). Here are some highlights we are looking forward to in the program.

Dec 7, 4:15 PM Symposium session 2a – Electric Field Modeling in Noninvasive Brain Stimulation: Technical Development, Clinical Relevance, and Future Applications. This symposium highlights several new developments in electric field (E-field) modeling, with a particular interest in optimizing and prospectively applying these methods.

Dec 8, 7:30 AM Industry Sponsored Workshop | Group Guided Meditation Session with Zendo | Zendo Meditation

Dec 8, 1:30 PM Workshop 1 – Research and Clinical Uses of tDCS – Marom Bikson and Giuseppina Pilloni. Hands-on Demonstrations and Round Table Discussions with Experts

Dec 9, 1:30 PM Symposium session 4f.01 – The modulated aggressive brain: From neurophysiology to tDCS in the study and treatment of aggressive behavior.


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