NeoRhythm Pad

Device Overview

User type: Consumer – Professional

Current type: Magnetic Field

Frequency range: 1 – 303.41 Hz

Display: App

Maximum intensity: 25 Gauss (2.5 mT)

Waveform: Trapezoidal


  • Includes app with pre-designed protocols for sleep, focus, relaxation, pain, meditation and more
  • Rechargeable long-lasting battery

Product Review

Sleep better, de-stress, and boost energy with this next-generation gesture-controlled wearable – the NeoRhythm Pad. This sleek and well-designed pad is a game-changer. Incorporating the same technology found inside the NeoRhythm Headset but in an easy-to-use pillow format. For anyone seeking to improve their sleep or deal with back pain, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy is scientifically-proven technology.

The NeoRhythm Pad offers a wide array of programs, each designed to help users achieve specific mental states, including Energy and Vitality, Enhanced Mental Capacity, Deep Relaxation, Improved Sleep, Pain Control, Theta Meditation for Creativity, and Calming Meditation for Synchronization. New protocols are always being researched and added to the free App. This versatility allows individuals to tailor their experience and optimize their mental well-being according to their needs and preferences.

One of the standout features of the NeoRhythm Pad is its unique multi-coil structure and gesture controls, setting it apart as one of the most user-friendly PEMF devices available. With simple gestures, users can activate and navigate through various programs, making it an intuitive and convenient experience.

The magic behind the NeoRhythm Pad lies in its ability to emit scientifically-supported frequencies through electromagnetic fields. These frequencies synchronize with the brain, promoting relaxation, enhanced focus, increased energy, quicker and improved sleep, better meditation, and even pain relief. The device’s precise targeting of specific brain locations, thanks to the strategically positioned coils, ensures that users can achieve their desired mental states effectively.

Setup is seamless and straightforward. The pad connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth, and the accompanying app allows users to program and control the device. With no physical buttons or switches on the pad itself, activating the NeoRhythm Pad is as simple as tapping it once, while a double-tap confirms the selected action.

A particularly thoughtful feature is the device’s memory function, which remembers the last program used. For those who frequently utilize the same program, such as the “sleep” mode, there’s no need to rely on the smartphone/app every time – just activate the pad, and you’re good to go.

NeoRhythm is undoubtedly the result of extensive scientific research and development. The team behind this wearable has invested considerable effort into creating a device that enhances mental well-being and cognitive performance, all while leveraging the potential of PEMF Therapy.

In conclusion, the NeoRhythm Pad is an outstanding wearable that empowers users to take control of their mental states and overall well-being. With its cutting-edge technology, intuitive design, and backed by scientific evidence, NeoRhythm is an excellent investment for anyone seeking to improve their sleep, reduce stress, boost energy levels, and optimize their mental clarity and focus.