NeuroMyst Pro

Device Overview

User type: Consumer

Current type: Direct current – Alternating Current

Current ramp-up rate/current ramp up time: N/A

Display: LCD

Current options (mA): 0.1 – 4.0

Frequency (Hz): 0.2 – 80

Max voltage (V): 80

Timer settings (minutes): Adjustable


  • Both DC and AC modes

  • 4 mA maximum current setting

  • Rechargeable batteries

Product Review

The NeuroMyst Pro tDCS (transcranial direct current stimulation) device is a new addition to the list of available devices in the field of neuromodulation. Offering the promise of improved focus, enhanced learning, and increased productivity, this cutting-edge technology has captured the curiosity of researchers, professionals, and enthusiasts alike. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the key features, functionality, effectiveness, and overall user experience of the NeuroMyst Pro tDCS device.

The NeuroMyst Pro tDCS device boasts an elegant and ergonomic design, with a sleek interface and user-friendly controls. However, the construction of the device appears to be “cheap”, and you can tell this device enclosure is 3D printed. Its compact size makes it portable and convenient for use in various settings. The device comes preloaded with a few common DC and AC protocols which we found to be very helpful to the end user. The device still retains the ability to have the user customize the stimulation parameters as needed. Users can adjust current intensity levels within a safe and controlled range, adjust the duration of the session as well as adjust the frequency (AC mode only). This provides a tailored experience that suits individual preferences and tolerance levels. With intuitive controls and clear instructions, users can quickly become familiar with its functionality.

In terms of performance, the NeuroMyst Pro tDCS device delivers consistent and reliable results. Many users have reported enhanced focus, improved mental clarity, and increased productivity during and after sessions. The device’s ability to modulate brain activity has shown promise in promoting cognitive benefits, including enhanced learning and memory consolidation.

Safety is a paramount concern when using any brain stimulation device, and the NeuroMyst Pro tDCS device incorporates several safety features to mitigate potential risks. Though we did enjoy playing with the device, the thought of trusting a device with a 3D printed enclosure and buttons kept popping up in the back of our minds. 

The overall user experience of the NeuroMyst Pro tDCS device is positive. Users can appreciate its ease of use and the potential cognitive benefits it offers. The device’s intuitive interface and customizable settings contribute to a seamless user experience.

However, it is important to note that the NeuroMyst Pro tDCS device is not a magical solution for cognitive enhancement. Individual results may vary, and the extent of cognitive improvements may be influenced by various factors, including baseline cognitive abilities, regularity of use, and adherence to recommended protocols.

In summary, the NeuroMyst Pro tDCS device represents a welcomed addition to the field of cognitive enhancement. With its sleek design and customizable settings, this device appears to be a great entry level device for those seeking to unlock their cognitive potential. While individual experiences may vary, the device’s safety features, reliable performance, and positive user feedback contribute to its overall appeal.