Omni Stimulator

Not Recommended

Device Overview

User type: Consumer

Current type: Direct current

Current ramp-up rate/current ramp up time: N/A

Display: None

Current options (mA): 0 – 2.0

Max voltage (V): 9

Timer settings (minutes): N/A


  • Comes with unsafe accessories—alligator clips have exposed metal that can make contact with skin and cause burns.

  • 9V supply is below the minimum compliance voltage of 20V for tDCS; insufficient for tDCS.

  • No ramp-up feature, can be uncomfortable for some users.

  • No ammeter to show real-time current being delivered.

Product Review

This device is not recommended. The accessories that come with this device are not safe. The exposed metal on the alligator clip electrodes will cause skin burns when touching the skin.