2018 NYC Neuromodulation Conference and NANS Summer Series

It’s happening soon! On August 23 to 26th, neuromodulation researchers and professionals across the world will be at the Sheraton Hotel in Times Square, NYC to unveil the most state of the art in neuromodulation technology. This year, there will be a special focus on neuromodulation facilitated by cutting edge technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning; as well as IoT based neuromodulation in the form of wearables, VR, online platforms and apps that is sure to cause paradigm shifts in our approach to clinical neuromodulation.

Meet influencers and big players in the field such as: Michael Nitsche, Marom Bikson, Julius Fridriksson and more!

For more information, please visit neuromodec.

tDCS.com will also be at this conference, stay tuned for photos and updates from the conference.


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