Having trouble multi-tasking? No problem!

According to the US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), results from a study suggests tDCS–specifically with the Halo Sport–can increase performance for certain tasks on members of the military.

The Halo Sport is a pair of headphones with a built in tDCS feature, where cleverly designed electrodes provide bilateral stimulation to the motor strip while users are performing certain tasks requiring physical exertion. Halo claims their device improves neural plasticity at the motor region, subsequently decreasing the amount of time it takes for users to learn and/or improve on the task in question.

In a study including 5 groups of 15 subjects, participants were asked to conduct system monitoring, targeting, resource management and more; where participants experienced a 10% increase in work output compared to a control. The results of this study has large implications on the use of tDCS on applications other than therapy and treatment. Maybe we’ll see tDCS being widely adopted one day for something as ordinary as productivity!

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