Guidance standards for tDCS and TMS during COVID-19.

A standard for how tDCS and TMS should be applied through the COVID-19 epidemic has just been published.  

Here are six key takeaways:

1) TDCS and TMS must continue “The NIBS community has faced varied degrees disruption that has broadly challenged laboratories and clinics across the globe. By working around evolving restrictions and uncertainties, strategic (and not unduly burdensome) implementation of applicable safety procedures, and adaptation of protocol components to limit in-person activities, access to NIBS must be continued and re-established rapidly.”

2) The need for tDCS and TMS in the COVID-19 era will in fact increase. “The number of people who require innovative treatments such as NIBS due to direct and indirect effects of COVID-19 onto the brain and mental health will significantly increase”

3) Home based tDCS is clearly an exciting option “The interest in telemedicine-based solutions has especially increased among the NIBS community [61] and the experiences gained from such studies conducted during the outbreak will be broadly valuable”

4) We are not near the end of the pandemic and plans must be made for future outbreaks “Indeed, if further outbreaks arise, the NIBS community will be better prepared for them.”

5) For in-clinic TMS the emphasis is on getting people in and out fast. “The development of novel, accelerated TMS dosing strategies is another opportunity for clinical researchers.”

6) The standard provides step by step guidance on how to keep tDCS and TMS going through the pandemic “There is an evident, and in cases urgent, need to maintain NIBS operations through the COVID-19 pandemic, including anticipating future pandemic waves and addressing effects of COVID-19 on brain and mind. The proposed robust and structured strategy aims to address the current and anticipated future challenges while maintaining scientific rigor and managing risk.”


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