LIFTiD tDCS on Shark Tank

While watching Shark Tank the other night we saw that LIFTiD Neurostimulation in the highlights for Shark Tank!

Digging into this further, we were able to confirm via the Shark Tank website that LIFTiD did in fact appear in the highlights of the upcoming products to be featured on the show. According to ABC’s TV schedule, LIFTiD is scheduled to air this Friday November 13 at 8-9 PM EST part of season 12 episode 5.

Here is the season 12 trailer video. LIFTiD appears at around 2 min in.

We are extremely excited to watch this episode and see the sharks reactions to what has to be the first brain stimulation device on Shark Tank!

If you wanted to read more about the device, here is the device on the Shark Tank product page.


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