NYU Langone Hospital Offers Home-Based tDCS Therapy

In a major advancement for transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS), a top medical center in the US, NYU Langone Health, announced it is offering tDCS therapy through an entirely remote platform.  To qualify patients must enroll in the tDCS program and will then receive a tDCS-kit in the mail. They are guided in video visits through tDCS application and well are connected to a range of telemedicine-based treatment programs.  NYU Neurology has published dozens of clinical trials on home-based tDCS, so this program seems a natural extension of their ongoing experience. And because the program is entirely remote, it’s available to patients across the US.

“Many individuals with neurological and psychiatric disorders have difficulty leaving the house because of their condition,” says Dr. Leigh Charvet, Professor of Neurology, who leads MS-related tDCS research at NYU Langone. “This virtual program brings the latest treatments directly to our patients, enabling us to reach more people.”

NYU announced “The first program of its kind, NYU Langone’s tDCS Program provides virtual treatment for a range of cognitive, motor, speech, or mood symptoms that can occur in an array of neurological and psychiatric conditions. tDCS has been extensively studied for use in treating symptoms related to multiple sclerosis (MS), movement disorders, and recovery from stroke, and as a treatment for depression and fatigue. There also is an early indication that tDCS treatment may help with recovery following a coronavirus disease (COVID-19) infection”


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