NYC tDCS Fellowship 2018

Looking to obtain hands-on training and a certification for tDCS? From October 22nd to 25th, the Center for Discovery and Innovation in Manhattan, NY will be hosting the NYC tDCS Fellowship 2018. The four day program is designed to provide an in depth theoretical background and practical hands-on experience toward tDCS protocol design and application.

The fellowship is endorsed by the City College of New York, MJHS Institute in Palliative Care and the University of Florida; and will include interactive lectures, facilitated discussions, demonstrations, hands-on step-by-step exercises, individual projects, and final theoretical test and practical exam. There will be a focus on building competence in:

  • principles and mechanisms of tDCS
  • Electrode preparation and montages
  • Stimulation parameters
  • Protocols and targeted outcomes
  • Safety
  • tDCS current modeling and dose determination
  • Good practices in tDCS delivery
  • Clinical and research trail design
  • tDCS protocol design and implementation in research/clinical trials
  • Methodological considerations for HD-tDCS and conventional tDCS in institutional and home-based settings.

The NYC tDCS Fellowship is the only comprehensive tDCS course in the US, education and training will be provided by a highly experienced team of experts in the field of tDCS.

Visit Neuromodec for more information regarding registration and payment options.


Table of Contents

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