Clear your mind with tDCS — the group pioneering the Zendo E-meditation tDCS system — announced a rare opportunity this November for anyone to participate in a meditation retreat with American meditation teacher Shinzen Young at the Monastic Academy in Lowell, VT.

Dr. Bashar Badran and Dr. Baron E. Short — founders of Zendo E-meditation — will also be at the event with their Zendo tDCS devices to train any participant wishing to use tDCS during their meditation retreat.

tDCS produces effects that align with what is often sought after in the practice of meditation–focus, pain management, mental clarity, and sensory clarity. This means tDCS has great potential in the practice of meditation as a form of meditation aid, or even as a means to noninvasively and safely augment of the effects of meditation overall.

This retreat will feature a variety of options for neuromodulating tDCS devices, one-on-one meditation guidance from Shinzen, vegan meals, amazing views of the mountainsides and the natural scenery and group activities to explore meditation and mindfulness.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Visit to learn more.


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