Brain stimulation for creativity and the arts

A recent article posted on — a well known worldwide hub for the arts — talks about the current use and implications of transcranial electrical stimulation (tES) for creativity. The article brings up how tES is being explored to modulate concentration, vigilance, fatigue, motor coordination and performance.

The controversial topic of whether certain applications of tES is considered therapeutic treatment or cognitive enhancement was also brought up; and parallels were drawn between tES and the intake of caffeine, alcohol or nicotine.

The article ends by talking about how unregulated and long term use of commercial tES or DIY tES systems may pose some long term health risks to users. A 2017 study by Dr. Marom Bikson and company, was referenced as it proposed a set of standards and regulations in an effort to combat the reckless use of limited output transcranial electrical stimulation (LOTES).

Long story short, follow the instructions that come with the tDCS device!

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