Swedish health tech startup aims to treat depression with new medical grade headset

With the rise in popularity of tDCS use at home, comes the promise of countless new start-ups looking to develop the next revolutionary treatment for depression; Swedish health tech startup Flow Neuroscience, aims to do just that.

Flow Neuroscience plans to launch a system (Flow) that would allow individuals to treat their depression in the comfort of their own home via a headset paired with an engaging personalized mobile app that targets both physical and behavioral elements of depression. The app would help guide the user through positive changes in their daily routines including eating, sleeping, exercising and meditating; this approach aims to disrupt negative behavioral patterns that are associated with depression. Flow Neuroscience aims to ultimately replace antidepressant medication with their Flow headset and app.

For more information, visit  Flow Neuroscience.com
or read more on the Flow headset here:


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