Interaxon announces the release of Muse 2

Interaxon– the company who pioneered the use of biofeedback in meditation with the original Muse EEG brain sensing headband– has announced the release of the ugpraded Muse 2!

The original Muse brain sensing headband acted as a meditation aid by giving auditory feedback on your mental state data acquired through the use of EEG electrodes built into the headband. The user could also choose the type of auditory feedback he or she will receive from a bank of 5 choices of soundscapes; including beach, rain forest, or ambient music.

The Muse 2 will add on a host of new features onto the original Muse headband, including a larger range of health metrics, including heart rate, breathing and body movement monitoring. The device will also have additional educational tools and a dashboards for keeping track of your signals.

Visit the Muse website to learn more about their new Muse 2.


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